Frequency not showing up

Just now I was on approach to RTAA on unicom and tower and ground started. However, I could only see ground. I was sent like 6 on guard messages, but twoer frequency is not on my frequency list. I checked liveflight and tower was active.
Any idea what would cause this?

And an additional detail: atc was on initially, went off for a bit, and when it came back on I can only see ground but not tower or atis.
OS was MIUI 10 on Android 8, phone was MI5s

That’s quite unusual. Have you tried rejoining your flight since you are in ground?

Hey i heard that if you put your phone on airplane mode for 30 seconds then works try this…(same as weather)

Change your Call sign to NORDO to indicate you are having issues with frequency

That happened to me before but thanks for approach they let tower know

This is a bug which does sometimes happen. It is usually a one-off and it shouldn’t affect you on your next flight.

If you are still in the air, you could either divert from that airport or fly following all the rules you would follow if flying on Unicom. If you are not interfering with any traffic and are not communicating with ATC, you will most likely not recieve a ghosting (if on Expert), and if you do, contact a Moderator to get it sorted out :)


yeah that’s what I did last time when this happened

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this is the 7600 for IF?

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this has been happening alot to me lately

Did you try to tap the airport in the map and select the tower?
It should be visible their for sure!

Yep 7600: IF edition also numbers in words

Pretty sure this a known issue, could be wrong… But i believe staff are aware.

Happened to me once, Very frustrating. I was scared that i’d get ghosted so I just left. Better to be safe than sorry.

nope… no atis either even though that is up

I took a screenshot so if atc ghosted I can dispute it. Last time this happened I actually landed. This time I kinda had to go anyways so I just left.

BTW can ATC hear unicom?

Nope, they can’t. They can just hear the frequency they operate (or observe) :).

You can tap on the airport, and then push under frequencies, and then push any frequency you are in range from

the frequency itself is n9t being loaded in

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