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Hi sorry i am a noob.I would like to ask if anyone know why while cruising i don’t see any frequency appear for me to contact with?(departure,apprch,etc.)

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You’re probably too far away to contact anyone.

Approach/Departure can be contacted under 18,000ft and 50nm away
Tower can be contacted under 10,000ft and 25nm away


For me i have been able to contact approach at well above 18000 and 80nm away.

So if i fly a land route rather than sea route i would likely get contact with frequency?

Now it only counts distance so you will be able to contact approach within 50nm at a rather high altitude, but please don’t do so

You would only be able to contact an appr/dep/tower/ground frequency if it’s active. If not then you would be tuning into a Unicom frequency.

Remember the limits:
Radar: Below 18,000 feet AAL, within 50nm range
Tower: Below 10,000 feet AAL, within 25nm range
Don’t contact these frequencies if you ain’t in their airspace. Rn we don’t have centers in Infinite Flight so you don’t need to contact them while cruise(except u cruise at or below 18,000 feet which is not realistic).


Or, because no one has chosen to staff the frequency you are looking to establish radio contact with.

Im always under FL180 if I’m 50nm from the destination, but that doesn’t mean it limits me to contact 80nm away.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those that contacts ATC at FL280, I’m always one of them that descends first.

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One thing that was not mentioned is that you need to be on training server (TS) or higher and within the mentioned ranges of an active with ATC. For example, SFO and JFK usually have controllers on TS.

We don’t have center in IF so you don’t contact ATC while cruising.

Yes i am using training server.

So it is not necessary to be in contact with any atc during criuse above 18000ft?


Above 18,000 - Talking to Approach above 18,000 feet may get you a scenic route to the airport. You are simply too high. Now keep in mind of the airport altitude also.

Generally once you take off and are above 18k you are on your own. When you are inbound, descend to around 18k at a respectable speed and contact approach. Do not call in at 36,000 feet.

Ah, got it thanks for the information.

In IF, you should only contact frequencies for departure or arrival, not during cruising.

BTW, if you are flying bellow 5000 AGL in C172 or something like that, you need to contact tower to request transition if you are passing within 5nm of a towered airport. However this is extremely rare.

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