Frequency manual input

How can you manually put a frequency when asked to contact such?
Can’t find the option.
It keeps telling me , you’re in an active air space pls contact such and such but I can’t find where to manually put the frequency I’m asked to put …
Pls help

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Hello mate, hope you’re having a good day.

Currently in Infinite Flight, manually inputting a frequency isn’t an option. Instead you need to select the head phone symbol on the bottom left of your screen which will bring up the available frequencies in the area that you are flying through. Green frequencies mean that there is active ATC and white is unicom.


Radius is about 25-30NM I believe.

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You can tap on the airport where that controller is active and it will show you the active frequencies. There is an option where you can tune in to that frequency if it doesn’t come up under the head phone symbol like Declan_O said (Not gonna tag)

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Depends what frequencies. Tower is around 25NM or just over, approach is around 50NM and Center goes up to just over 400NM, I believe.


Of course in real life the controller couldn’t tell you to tune to their frequency unless you were tuned to their frequency 🤔

Is that how it works in IF, you get an annonomous message warning you to tune to a frequency?


It’s called an “On-Guard” message


Ok, I’ve seen those mentioned in the forum… So not realistic then.


Ok I see the symbol but where is the option to manually inputting frequency when requested and there’s none available?

I’m sorry but I can’t find the symbol you’ve mentioned on the phone, I’m using a Samsung phone.

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if ur flying in training server its possible a FIR that is on the opposite side of the globe is trying to contact you, training server atc isnt reliable and most of them dont really know what they are doing, thats why its called training

theres no such option, you can only contact frequencies that are in-range, ATC might not know how close you need to be to be able to contact said frequency

This might help

Actually, yes it is realistic.

In real life, there is a “international distress frequency”, 121.500MHz, also known as “guard”. All commercial aircraft and ATC facilities are required to monitor this frequency. In aircraft, you have 2 radios, 1 and 2. On comm 1 you listen to whatever you are communicating on routinely. On comm 2 you monitor 121.5.
If an aircraft gets out of range, ATC can call on 121.5, advising the aircraft they need to contact the frequency they should be on. A video on why this might happen - and abuse of the frequency IRL.
These calls are called “on guard warnings”.


Thanks, thats a very good explanation.

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Yes, unfortunately you get those prompts.

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