Frequency Issues

Today, on Training, I encountered a strange situation.

I was flying from EBBR to EHAM.

As shown in the screenshot, I was connected and talking to EHAM Tower, while repeatedly getting On Guard messages from Ground.

Ground wasn’t even available and the status bar didn’t show (anymore) that I was actually connected to Tower, although I could still here Tower talking to other aircraft.

I also heard Tower transfer aircraft to Arrival which wasn’t available anymore.

Could it be that none of the frequencies were actually seeing each other?

It seems to be a weird combination of things.
Since it was a bit confusing, I do hope someone can shed a light on this.

Hey Jan,

Ground wasn’t available in the status bar, or had the controller left?

If there was an active controller, I had encountered the same issue. For me, it was basically the Ground frequency that was only visible in the status bar once you land. No issue / bag at your side…

Hey this could be because you were tuned into ground after takeoff you should switch to tower when taking off

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Tower sending aircraft to approach is entirely possible after approach is closed as it would appear in the controllers side bar where the quick access commands are located. When they send that to an aircraft it will send that specific command even if approach is no longer available.

Ground sending you on guards is likely to have happened here because it is an inexperienced TS controller who doesn’t necessarily know what he is doing. As you are not on the ground, EHAM ground frequency will not be available to you in the ATC menu. It should have come available n touchdown.


@Matt You beat me to it. Was just typing out the same. :)

That makes sense!

Why wasn’t the status bar showing I was connected to Tower though?

I really was connected, as shown in this screenshot, taken at the same time.

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That’s an interesting one. I’ve just spawned quickly at KMIA and the status shows I’m connected but when you go out to select another frequency it disappears. I can’t think of a reason other than a small bug somewhere that is causing this. Hopefully Seb can have a look into it 🙂

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By the way, how long does it take before a frequency disappears when a controller has left and other controllers can’t select it anymore to hand over aircraft to?

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If a controller goes through the menu to give a frequency change then it will be almost immediate. However as ATC on the left of the menu we have an area where commonly used commands show up as a quick acces menu. So as you see on the photo below, the top command there is contact EIDW approach. Regardless of whether EIDW approach was open if I pressed that it would send the frequency change command to them.

Ignore the multiple clearances it was a bug at the time

So that doesn’t change by itself?
The option just stays available?

Shouldn’t it become greyed out?

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They are common used. If it doesn’t get used it will slip down the list and drop off the bottom as other regular commands replace it

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