Frequency issues

Lately I’ll be in contact with a frequency and when I’m asked to change I do but it still stays tune the the previous one I need help

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Press the tune out button and press your desired frequency

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Hi @Emylee_Meek. Try the following steps:






Here you go. Check this out.^

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Like if I’m tuned to social departure and are asked to contact lax tower I click tune out and I still hear chatter from social departure

You still hear from Departure, when you are tuned on tower??

Try follow the steps @Starley mentioned at this post:

(I also think this topic belongs to support.)

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Try contacting another frequency and issue a command.

Reset your router and make sure you restart your device before flights. You might have a poor connection.

Go to a manned airspace and contact ground, then when you switch to tower you will still hear a some transmissions from ground while on tower.

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I wouldn’t bother trying to fix this. It does happen and it’s nothing to be concerned about, unless You’re like short final (which is still very unlikely).

From my past experience, yes - does happen, however I wasn’t ever in a serious enough situation to have an issue with it.

Also, far more crazy things were happening to me, A.K.A frequency trolls. Departure, approach, tower and sometimes center spam You to contact them and then when You do, they just send You off to another frequency. This was way back in the day, I’m sure people are sensible now.

Okay so I just ran a few tests with an Expert Controller and wasn’t able to reproduce this. I was able to send and receive requests and commands on 3 different frequencies without this issue.

I do know that if there are a few transmissions in your que those may bleed over onto your new frequency but then you shouldn’t hear them after being tuned out. Tuning out and/or switching the frequency is key here.

You might have a poor connection or you need to restart Infinite Flight more frequently.

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OMG I have been having this problem for the last week or so and don’t no what 2do. It’s only on the expert server and only when doing a long haul. I’ve just flown from FAOR To KATL , When approach tells me to contact tower on final I’ve tried everything from trying what@Thomasgravanis suggested by tuning of approach that’s doesn’t work. I use the map and its says I’m tuned in to tower but in not cause I can still here approach telling me to contact tower. I tune out 2tune back in So what do I do? I’ve taken screen shots so I have so kind of proof of I was to get ghosted.

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You shouldn’t have to click tune out.

It gives you the option to send your acknowledgement, but you shouldn’t do that. You should use Send & Switch, which switches you to the frequency to which you were handed off automatically.


Hmm, I’ll take a guess at the situation.

What pops up at the top of the screen when you were still tuned to departure would normally be spoken until finished. When you tune into tower, you can send a command, which will immediately stop the currently speaking messages.

Yes, I know I am confusing so I’ll give an example.

You are tuned into SoCal approach. Delta 229 just requested an ILS approach, which gives a long message like “Delta 229 is 18 nm to the east of Bob Hope at 16,000ft, requesting ILS approach runway 24R at Los Angeles International.”

As you can see, the message is pretty long and it doesn’t take 1 or 2 seconds to speak it.

Now, let’s say KLAX airspace is packed with a bunch of airplanes requesting ILS/GPS/radar vectors/visual etc. That would give you a list of pretty long messages that would appear on the top of your screen.

From my experience with Infinite Flight, all of the messages that pop up on the top of your screen will continue to be spoken until all of them are finished and no other pilots send a command.

Let’s see United 1234 requested an ILS approach, but you switch to tower right after the pilot sent the message. You will still hear the message in tower until it is finished.

While you are on approach, you can get a whole bunch of long messages on the top of your screen from pilots requesting approach and they will continue to be spoken even if you are tuned into tower until the last message finishes speaking. You can disrupt the speaking by sending a command to tower.

That’s my take on the situation.

If not, then you might have had a poor connection.


I know about how that stuff works it’s just sometimes it kinda glitches

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I’m saying it’s just like I’m talking to tower and are asked to contact ground I do switch and even after like 10 mins I still here talk from tower

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You should record it happening so they can troubleshoot it. I have never heard of it happening and it sounds like no one else has either so a screen record with audio would go a long way

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