Frequency issue

Hello, when approaching my destination just now I had 3 on guard warnings for not contacting atc but I couldn’t, there wasn’t an option for me to tune into the approach frequency but only tower and atis. I had to leave to flight to avoid getting ghosted.

Not sure what has happened but in situations like that it always helps to take a screen shot just to back you up, should you get ghosted

Yeah I did take screenshots in case that happened

Good. I always do it just in case. Understand your frustration though. I have also left flight to prevent a ghosting.

Sometimes you can find the frequency on the map. Press the airport and they might show up.

Yeah I tried that aswell

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change callsign to “NORDO” to let them know you are having issues, and they will understand

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If you can’t contact the controller, be a professional pilot and divert to an uncontrolled field. Thats the best you can do in this situation.

It happens sometimes. Known bug. You can always follow the flow of traffic and continue to land. We IFATC treat you as nordo and don’t ghost untill you interfere with other aircraft.

**side note, if its extremely busy better divert. And you continue inbound if its anywhere between moderate to light traffic.

Always remeber to follow unicom rules: GA by yourself if you find runway is preoccupied, exit runway and be watchfull of others aircraft on ground, safe distance with aircraft ahead on final, etc.


Okay thanks it’s just frustrating after a longish flight

I fully understand and that’s why you show good professionalism if you divert

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I will next time, thankfully it’s only happened twice in 2 years of playing

We need to know the route cause for this problem. How did you get NOROD Status? Did you have a stable and strong connection or are these events recurring at random? Have you tried exiting to home screen and then going back into the app (this technique is a means of probably trying to reset the app)?

You were not the only one with this issue at Reno. The controllers just changed, hopefully the issue is resolved.

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