Frequency From A Different Region

Earlier today I was vectoring aircraft at Gatwick Airport when this F22 flew over and I tapped on it to get its information and it said that it was tuned to Paris Charlles DeGulle Unicom. Are the two regions connected or is it just a bug?

Might be a bug. I’ve heard of controllers that could see pilots outside the region. They could tap on them and tell them to connect to a frequency from a completely different area.

Yeah, he was cruising at 43,000 ft AGL, and he came from the direction that you would fly from Paris to London, I’ve flown on a flight on a vacation that took that route and I have the flight on video.

Could be possible. He probably flew outside of the Paris region. They aren’t that far apart

True, when I was flying out of Amsterdam, there were these jets out of the region that showed on the map, and when I switched regions to England they were still there, just on the other side of the map out of the region