Frequency Distances

Hello all

I come with a simple question today
From what distance can I tune into a frequency?
(Such as, 75NM from airport you can begin to tune into Approach)

27 nautical miles, I believe.

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50-NM with approach,25-NM with tower(if there’s no approach).

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75nm you can tune into ATIS I think.
65nm approach (contact them later though like 55nm I think Is the recommended time to contact)
25-27nm you can tune tower but again contact them a little later.


@infiniteflight_17 @Brenden_Hirsch I’ve managed to tune into ATIS 100+NM away before, and approach 90NM away. I find that when you’re below FL200 you can tune into approach from a lot further away and if you turn in manually you can also pick it up from way further away, though there have been some time where I couldn’t tune in until about 40NM

You may of had more fixes in your flight plan making it say that the final fix was 90nm with the different components you included when in reality if you made a direct waypoint from your position it would be less than those. :)


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