Frequency contact

Hey guys,
I’ve noticed recently that many pilots are having the issue of not being able to contact tower, ground or approach at some point and end up getting reported.
There are some ways to avoid this:

  1. If you’re beginning your flight and not able to contact ground or tower after recieving several on guards, simply quit and restart your flight or maybe even restart your application.

  2. Always check into ATIS before landing because in that way you will know which runway is in use and the controller will simply let you land because you are using the right runway.

  3. If the airport is busy and you’re not able to contact approach or tower while landing, simply quit or divert. A controller will never know what’s the pilots problem and you will be ghosted 100% for interfering with traffic.

  4. You can use the callsign NORDO, which means you are trying to tell the controller you have no radio. This callsign is to only be used if you don’t have any radio. Do not misuse this callsign whatsoever as there will be consequences for it.

These are some tips that could be helpful for you if you ever come across such a situation.

Thank you; and
Happy landings!


Totally agree!

This would only be on expert. IFATC knows how to handle this most times but at busy times, as you said, it’s better to divert

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You can also use the callsign “NORDO” and then divert to another airport if you are interfering with other traffic

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Does every controllers know about ‘’no radio’’ call sign? It’s in the training manual?

Im not sure…

Yes, mostly all controllers know about this callsign.

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I’ve seen people takeoff with a NORDO Callsign, so I don’t pay attention to it.

If you’re interfering, you will be ghosted, period.


Yeh, Some could take mick being so close to airport

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