Frequency Closing Viewed Globally

How Would This Work?

In the same place you would find information about open frequencies when clicking on an airport, you will find information regarding a controller’s closing status. This can be placed next to the details for air traffic controller names and frequencies. This can be set by the controller by announcing to the frequency of a closing time. Other variations of this can include a “controller change” status, and more. (Other solutions may be better. Suggestions are encouraged for this part)

What Would the Benefits Be?

Using this system, aircraft planning flights can see that a frequency is closing soon if relevant, as well as for aircraft inbound to an airport, too far to contact the frequency. This allows these inbound aircraft to check frequency status without being on the frequency, and hearing the call.

This also allows the frequency controller to not need to repeat closing calls for aircraft that join after the closing statement is announced, and prevent what could be unexpected closure.

Other Necessary Features

Added Commands To make this a usable system, a command announcing the frequency will no longer be closing is needed for the aircraft on the frequency, as well as to cancel the closing notification that is available to be checked by all other aircraft.
User Interface Change This change isn’t completely necessary, but would majorly help in the interaction of a system like this. When selecting a broadcasting message that is time sensitive, such as “Closing” or “Runway/Controller Change” another menu allowing you to select the time until the action will occur. This can be displayed like how a Approach controller would send a speed request. The time will be organized numerically, each selection in equal increments of a minute.

Suggested User Interface Location

If anyone has suggestions to improve this, or if you have a different option or better solution on the matter, please add that in the thread! Thanks!

But then for IFATC, would Controllers be able to mark “Controller Change in 5 Minutes” or is it just for closings?

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Assuming that controller changes happen relatively quick, I don’t think you’ll need that, but a simple UI change, to select the controller actions (change, closing, etc. then selecting time as you would select a speed or altitude command on APP. I’ll add that now, although it would most likely be under the “Other Necessary Features” tab. That’s unfortunately the tab that I think might need to be its own feature request

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