Frequency Changing Automatically

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‌I had this problem where only Ground ATC is active but not TOWER or any other frequencies.

‌Lets say I’m holding short on the runway and I want to change my frequency to tower ( which no one is controlling at the moment ) as it’s now UNICOM after 2 seconds in to the frequency and I want to announce for take off, It immediately changes to Ground frequency and I accidently announce request taxi or any other Ground commands.

‌So my question is Has any of you come across such problem or it’s just me?

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I do have the same problem as you. I’m not sure if this is a bug or something, but it is supposed to automatically change. However it’s unfortunate that it happens in situations like these.

Thankfully I’m not the only, sometimes Ground ATC tells you to switch to tower but the game doesn’t let you. Hope FDS fix this in the future.

It happens to me sometimes when there’s tower and no ground. I exit the runway and switch to unicom, but then it switches back to tower…

I’ve had it too. I thought it was just me.

If any one faced the same problem on expert let us know before this problem gets even bigger.

This only happens when only ground is active? Does it happen all the time when it’s like that?

I don’t think server is a factor. As long as you stay connected to unicom and ATC option not minimised, you can stay tuned in.

Yes, had this problem twice in 2 days.

No, it happens when there’s one frequency without the other

I even tried to switch airports. Faced the 1st one at EGLL yesterday and the 2nd one today at KSFO.

That’s what i asked. Lol.
Great, i’ll try to repro and have someone above my pay grade take a look at it :)


If I were to guess, here’s what’s happening.

I’ll presume this is mostly TS1, because on Expert, how often do you have ground but not tower?

They’re on Ground, switch to Unicom, then, because TS controllers switch in and out more often than I blink, Ground will leave (or have a connection issue), and then either that person returns or someone else immediately takes their place.

With tower, there’s no issue, because you’re on an active frequency. But without tower, the system does what it always does when you’re at a field on Unicom and Ground signs on, it tunes you into the now-active ground frequency.

It’s just working as it’s set up to, only because ground without tower is so common on TS, you’ll run into the scenario pretty often.


Just tried now. It happened once out of 5 tried… and it was only the absolute first time i tried. The rest of the tries was normal… even though i re-spawned.

Good point.
I did however get this once, but your explanation could be affecting these users perspective of the issue.

This happens to me as well. I thought it was normal.

Same thing happened to me when one frequency is open, but not the other.

But are you sure it was the same person on ground the whole time?

I just tried to repro, and in the time it took me to choose a spawn point, KLAX had switched from only ground to only tower.

Controllers are in and out in seconds.

Yes, i’m 100% as it was me ;)

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Good joke mate. Its not like I spam the frequency but surely something isn’t right there.