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Had my first flight on expert today LGAV-LIRF thankfully didn’t get ghosted. I was confused on one thing though. LGAV tower told me after takeoff “frequency change approved”. I didn’t request to change frequencies so I assumed he wanted me to change to departure but I didn’t find departure so I stayed with tower until 10000 feet. Did I do the right thing? Or should I have said “I’m sorry” or something


“Frequecy changed approved” means you’re leaving tower’s airspace and you no longer need to be in his or her frequency, once receiving this message acknowledge the message and tune out of the frequency.

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Sometimes I notice that you will request a frequency change and tower might not get to it just change is what I do never be ghosted for the short time I been on.

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So in this case… You should have just tuned out (Make sure to hit the “Tune Out” button). The Less planes on the controllers “Tab” the better (Less aircraft to scroll through). In other situations where there is a departure, the controller will usually immediately tell you to contact departure after takeoff. [If theres a Approach and ATC doesnt tell you to contact APPR then dont as APPR may be very busy]

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A Controller Will NEVER Ghost You If You Dont Change Frequency (Aslong As You Dont Spam)

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Certainly not mine…


I’m addition to what the others have said, tower’s airspace will never go up to 10,000 ft.

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how far up does it go?

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Usually 3,000-3,500 above Ground Level [Depends on Airport]

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When you click on the airport it will tell you the air spaces.

After taking off :

  • Do not switch to another frequency unless Tower tells you.
  • Do not switch to Approach just because it is there, unless instructed by tower. The Approach controller may or may not be handling departures and you randomly checking in with 40 inbound is not helping the situation.
  • If tower is busy and you are leaving the airspace, you can ask for a frequency change and tune out. If you are already 30 miles away and at 10,000 feet and tower hasnt responded, go ahead and switch.

Why think of Expert Server as some kind of a challenge? Just fly normally, listen to the instructions and monitor traffic around you and you’ll always be fine.


Well it was my first flight so admittedly I was pretty nervous


although I’m doing another flight on expert right now. So far I really enjoy other people knowing what they’re doing

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Look at this tutorial please!

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You gonna like it, that’s completely another level! Have fun)

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Hey there, @AndrewWu!

I believe I was the controller when you were there. Welcome to the Expert Server! You’ll notice that the pilots and controllers tend to behave much more professionally. If you’re looking to simulate a realistic flight, that’s the place to do it!

When a frequency change is issued while you’re still in the airspace, and there is no specific frequency included that the controller wants you to change to, they generally intend to simply have you tune out of their frequency. To you, it may make no difference, but we controllers may be incredibly busy trying to manage dozens of flight strips, and when you leave our frequency, you take away one of the flight strips that we have to watch over. It makes our job easier. By the time you’re issued a frequency change, you no longer have the need to stay on the frequency; the tower controller has decided there is nothing else (s)he can do to assist your flight, so to improve efficiency, you should leave the frequency.

[Please note: this is not a mandatory requirement/instruction. You will never be ghosted for remaining on a tower frequency unless there is an approach/departure frequency open. The worst thing that will happen is you may annoy yours truly 😜]

To exit the frequency, go back to the communications page where you select your frequency. The first option given to you should be something along the lines of “Tune out of XXXX.” By selecting that, you will not be listening in on any radios. You also have the option of switching to any nearby airport’s UNICOM, rather than tuning out of all frequencies. Either option works, and both are better than remaining on the controlling tower’s frequency.

Keep in mind, if you’re handed off to a specific frequency (such as an approach or departure frequency) you must switch and contact that frequency. The above guidelines are only for towered airports without an active approach, departure, or center frequency.

Also keep in mind that you should not tune out of a control tower’s frequency unless specifically instructed to do so, until you are outside of the airspace boundaries. These lateral boundaries can be found on the in-game GPS, indicated by blue circle(s) around the airport. You can safely assume that the vertical boundaries of the airspace are 5,000 ft. AGL (not to be confused with MSL). Once you’re out of the airspace boundaries, do not ask for a frequency change. You can just change on your own.

Hope this helped! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any IFATC or Staff member.

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Whoa! That’s a load of good info! Thank you


Some users say when you are 3000ft above the ground, others as soon as you are airborne. You can also ask for the frequency change when you are ready to do so.

@AndrewWu long story short simply tune out of the frequency with the gray “Tune out of frequency” button.

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