Frequency change

As an ATC I find myself always having planes hanging around on the frequency after frequency change approved, would it not just be better for them to be turned out if they receive the message instead of aircrafts having to physically turning out?

This could be done via the same way as when you contact another frequency using ‘switch and send’ but instead of switching you just leave the frequency.

Although planes can be swiped to leave the frequency on the drop down menu, during busy sessions this can be a nuisance for ATC controllers when there is a high volume of departures. It would be much quicker if aircrafts were tuned out by a exit frequency button which is displayed after the frequency changed approved command is given by ATC.

Let me know if you agree, or if you don’t can u think of a better solution?

I mean I’m fine with aircraft lingering around the frequency after sending out a frequency change approved command cause maybe they like to hear the comms that are going out to add that extra bit of more realism for them.


Yes I understand, but many aircrafts do forget and also when you are 1000nm away and still on the tower I think a plane just forgets to tune out, this would minimise this! :)

You can just swipe the plane’s tab to the right or left (I don’t remember now) and he’ll leave the ATC list of aircraft while still being on freq

I don’t think there’s necessity to remove a plane from frequency

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You can swipe and they will appear un highlighted on radar

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Yes, as stated above I know you can do this, but during very busy sessions it’s a extra step to find out which aircraft has left the airspace and can cause an extra work load for the controller, rather then planes just tuning out :)

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Response as above :)

What do u mean

Someone had already stated what you said :)

Ok didn’t see …

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No worries :)

I think all controllers pass through this situation and we many times don’t have enough time to tell pilot to check user guide so this feature would be very great and will really help us to deal with big amounts of traffic and also will help pilots to exit frequency without many commands during critical situations like Take Off and Landing

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I would say the same thing. At the moment, there are only a few traffic now. Also, I see no need for that!

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Send a CUG to those who have not left the frequency? That would be very unnecessary!


Hi @Renan ,

when you are controlling Heathrow, it can be very difficult to keep track a many planes that have departed, usually in a busy airspace there is a departure but if not it can be very hectic with many departures and keeping track of who to unhighlight and who not to can be very difficult :)

This frequency change button can be helpful to make sure that those on your frequency are those who are important for communication, in real life there is not just a plane 1000nm away on your tower frequency, this would be impossible, it would also add to realism :)

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On the user guide there’s an topic talking about that so if you say CUG this pilot can check and learn. Do you have a better idea to tell pilots to not stay on frequency after the command? I know we can clean it from our tab but when there’s much traffic find the aircraft on the tab becames a such difficulty thing

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Yes as @Otavio said,

It can also make it confusing as many planes who are not supposed to be on your frequency may stay there, an example is many aircrafts may join the approach frequency even if they are not accepting departures!

It would be easier for the approach controller if they were not on the frequency and were instead off the frequency, when given a frequency change approved message! :)

Therefore making it both easier for the aircraft and the controller

CUG would not be necessary as this neither the pilot’s or controller’s fault, everyone forgets to tune out and this would solve that issue :)


I’d like to add that if a pilot is given “frequency change approved, good day”, it does not require the pilot to tune out. From time to time, I will stay on someone’s frequency just to listen, or perhaps I’ll forget to tune out. But, if you are not sending the aircraft to a radar frequency after departure, pilots can remain on your frequency for as long as they want.


My favorite word. In real life, the controller would throw the strip away or deactivate it on the electronic strip bar. That seems a lot like swiping. I generally have no issue swiping strips even in a busy airspace. And further, issuing a check a user guide to someone who stays on frequency is not necessary unless they are supposed to tune into radar control. Just swipe and be done.

Keep it real™…

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Firstly I think you are missing the point, neither am I to kick users out of the frequency, or I am saying to send a user guide message.

The idea is to make it so you have the option of having to leave the frequency or just stay on the frequency after the frequency change approved message. Just as if you had to contact another frequency when you ahead the switch and send button!

Not forcefully leave, just making it easier to leave :)