Frequency change?

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I was wondering something.
When flying out of a very busy ATC controlled airport and ATC isn’t able to give vectors to the desired destination and instructs you to proceed on your own, how do you change frequency?
This especially applies when there is lots of communication and the audio messages can’t keep up with the messages on top of the screen.
I can ask for a frequency change, but how do I get off that channel when the destination airport is not in range yet?

I hope someone can tell me what I have to do in a situation like that.

Thanks in advance.


As long as there is no active approach or center frequency I’d say just tune in in any unicom station nearby.


Keep on connecting to random unicoms until the desired airports frequency is in range …

That’s my preferred method :)


Lol at the same time we posted the same thing !


Thanks! :)

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Thanks!! :)

Hehe…in fact in regions like hawaii or carribbean there often is no other airport within 30nm so no chance for another unicom. What should we do here when ATC orders “frequency change approved”…?

You might need to use stand by or just leave the frequency and not connect to any ( if that works ) …

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Proceed on course means he can’t give you vectors atm for whatever reason. You are allowed to keep followijg your FPL to your destination.

Request freqeuency change then and change to a Unicom when you got ATC Approval. You are not clustering up the controllers screen and he knows he doesn’t have to care about you anymore.

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I just tune to one unicom, exit it, and try and find another frequency (approach, center, departure [tower if flying GA and I am passing through active airspace]). I check every 2 minutes or so when at cruise

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I understand what you mean but, do not say this. The controller will think you are disobeying his instructions if you do. Best thing to do is just leave his frequency.