Frequency change reminder

hello to all pilots! controlling I noticed that many of you have not yet figured out how and when to change frequency, below I am attaching a tutorial on how to do it, please when a controller asks you to change frequency do it , because when it is very busy you are likely to confuse him.
Hope can help you.


As soos as tower say “Frequency change approve, good day” I’m out. I pick some random airport.


Good idea to remind people to switch to a different frequency in if there is no departure or centre on line!

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What if i am departing from WMKK with no approach and dep and Center

That is probably the one exception On IF , WMKK

Once you get approval to change atc, just change to any unicom frequency to avoid causing any confusion to the live atc

Once I was about to get ghosted, that was time ago

yes but at WMKK there are no UNICOMS available to change too for a while…

This is one case,I’m speaking in general…

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yes I cant think of any other location where that would be a problem either. Think WMKK is a one off!

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