Frequency Change Approved

If you’re ever flying on advanced at an airport with just tower and ground, you’ve probably heard this before.

If a controller tells you “frequency change approved good day” it means get off his frequency! Well really in a nicer way, it’s trying to tell you to switch to the nearest Unicom so you don’t clog up the ATC log, this is also used when you are outside a controllers airspace.

Too many people don’t know what it means! While controlling approach yesterday at Birmingham, I had a guy land at Heathrow while he was still on my frequency! Thanks-
Thomas- ATC officer
Any questions feel free to ask!


Thank you for saying this. I was just controlling KSAN and there where people near KLAX still on my frequency

I was just working approach at London Heathrow.
As you can see by this older picture of my screen. All the tabs on the right get very crowded and at times will be blinking yellow. Please just switch to any other Unicom frequency to get off of the current one so it frees up space. That way we can provide better service to more aircraft. I will keep bugging you to change frequencies until you change. Thanks for your cooperation .