Frequency change approved = please change frequency

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I have posted and replied a couple of threads both here and on Facebook on this issue and I think this calls for a new topic on its own.

When tower gives you the “frequency change approved” message, PLEASE change frequency. Generally, you should only heard this message in the following 4 situations (correct me if I am wrong):

  1. You fly away from an airspace and you requested frequency change. This is obvious, you asked for it, you do it.

  2. There is approach or departure frequency and you will be passed on to those frequencies by tower after you have climbed to a certain altitude.

  3. There is no other live frequency, but you are outside the airspace controlled by the tower.

  4. After you have landed and this is usually in the form of “exit runway … contact ground on …”

In all these situations, changing frequency achieves one outcome, that is you do not end up clogging the tower display and make it difficult to find and communicate efficiently to other planes. This is particularly important when traffic gets heavy and often it is under appreciated how many planes any single ATC frequency is responsible for at one time, be this ground, tower, approach or centre.

Below is just a snap shot taken at EDDL prior to this week’s Friday Night Flight. All this is from planes that are active on the airport waiting to depart. Imagine more in the airspace waiting to land. If you are over 50nm+ away from the airspace and are still on tower frequency, you can imagine how that is not really helping the situation.

That is enough from me, and I guess the topic is open for discussion from here.



Especially if there’s no other frequency to tune into!!

as an advanced ATC I don’t care if you stay on my frequency as long as you don’t spam it. Frequency changed approve just tells the pilot to contact another frequency when (not IF) necessary!


Ok then, if you are on the phone with someone and they say goodbye, do you stand there and hold the phone up to your face? No
Then when you are out of a controllers airspace, change freq. doesn’t matter if it is Unicom. Why do you want to purposely clog up a freq?

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When I am given the ‘frequency change approved’ message as a pilot, I change to a unicom of another airport if there is not other manned frequency that is appropriate, and I change right away.

If you stay on the frequency of the ATC that said you can change, you stay on their screen. When I am in the ATC role at a busy airport, I don’t like those hanging around. It makes the list of planes longer than necessary and harder to find the one I need to help.

Do your ATC team a favor…if you are given permission to change, do it.

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The original post has only 1 like… Well the problem lies with the app itself not able to disconnect pilots from frequencies out of their range.

But the good thing is you have now learnt what you did wrong and what you need to do right next time.

Tell that to the others who were affected too then.

A number of people doing the wrong thing and not following instructions doesn’t make it right. Just accept this as an opportunity for you to learn, which hopefully you have done.

Nobody said it was right. You assumed… Lol bad choice mate, bad choice…

Oh dear …

Hahaha don’t take it to heart mate… I will tell my friend as well, seems he doesn’t have an account here…