Frequency Change Approval!

Don’t usually post complaints about pilots but feel it’s come to my attention to do so.

When contacting approach for a given Airport, please remain on his/her frequency until told otherwise. I’ve seen countless pilots switching from approach to tower without clearence, approach needs to clear you for ILS and give you other instructions if necessary. Once you are established we will tell you to contact tower, until then please STAY ON OUR FREQUENCY. It’s very difficult when you have a set pattern in mind for approaching traffic and a pilot decides to disconnect and turn into base while traffic is on final.

Please for future reference REQUEST FREQUENCY CHANGE when on approach/centre/departure/tower or wait for clearence. You do not however need to ask for clearence when on ground.

Rant over, take it all in, and thanks to those whom follow instructions.

All the best.


A big problem also I have noticed - especially when the Tower is sending On Guard warnings it is especially hard to keep them with you until they’re cleared for ILS approach

precisely, very annoying.

Won’t happen on advanced 😉

In the advanced its very rare for controllers to ‘spam’ on guard messages if they know that a controller is on approach, but I’ve seen it happen due to the tower not knowing that someone is on approach.