Frequencies missing

Informations: LSZH, Expert Server, 00:07 ZULU ( approx.) , Ipad Pro 10.5inch , iOS11.2.1.

I couldn’t see Tower nor ATIS frequency even though the controller sent me on guard. Luckily the controller let me proceed my landing via the IFATC slack. When arrived on ground I could contact ground but still no sight of the two other frequencies. I then proceeded to close the session ( without a app reset ) and re spawned and just like that I could see all three frequencies. Weird… and apparently this is not the first time.

Screenshot was on ground.


Hello, look like you have a problem. Here some questions.

Yes, my connection is stable, and as you see from my screenshot I can’t select the frequencies from the map.

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There have been several topics regarding Missing Frequencies. Most likely a known issue probably noted by Mods and Devs. So far, can’t find any solutions to this. I’ll contact a Mod to have a look at this.

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I know that, I was asked to make a topic. Never hurts making a topic to remind.

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Oh, that was hard to see. Hmm weird, then this is likely known issue just like @anon7075715 said.

If i had guess, it is might the same ailment as this:

Connecting to airport frequencies has been an issue. According to the last post by Schyllberg, the problem was identified, but can’t be hotfixed until the next update.