Freq. Change for Training

I don’t know what category this belongs in, but I just finished a session at KLAX on the Training Server. What I saw the most what people asking to change frequencies.

When you ask for a taxi request and the controller grants it, in the message is “Contact Tower When Ready.” This means when you are ready to contact the tower controller, not the ground controller.

Please do not ask for a Freq. Change to the ground.


Great reminder, and I respect you for controlling KLAX, lol. However, unfortunately, pilots on Training Server are there to learn, or in some cases, “play.” If you want a better controlling experience, I highly recommend you apply for IFATC. It’s a great way to develop your skills while also enjoying controlling and not getting stressed out from those who don’t cooperate. I’ll link the IFATC Recruiting topic below!

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I’m going to apply when I’m old enough, I’m just practicing right now at KLAX, EGLL, KSFO.

Actually, all these 3 airports are usually full of pilots that don’t know what they’re doing.

I’d suggest opening up airports like KFAT and KFLL with parallel runways. I’d also make an ATC tracking thread to attract members of our community with more experience. I’d be happy to stop by and help you out :)

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