Freq change approved, please listen!

When ATC says frequency change approve they expect you to find a different frequency not stay on tower frequency. There are multiple post on this but in the picture you’ll see why frequency change approved is issued. Please listen to ATC


I don’t get it.

So it doesn’t clog up the ATC lists, we tell you to change frequency. Only in known “dead areas” where you can’t change frequency we permit you until you can switch to a suitable frequency.


Was that screenshot taken on PG?

No, HeavyDriver is an advanced controller. It’s on advanced.

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Can we change to a unicom, even if we don´t interact with it?


It’s important to note, just leaving the frequency still shows that your on the controller’s frequency. You must find another frequency (could be a unicom) and connect to it.


That’s what you’re supposed to do. Change to Approach/Centre (If Available) or just change to Unicom if such is not provided.


Listen, the bottom line is,

If you’re flying to another airport, great! But once the controller says frequency changed approved you’re supposed to change to another frequency, such as Unicom or if provided Approach, Departure or Centre. If you don’t change we all get annoyed, because it clogs up the lists and makes it complicated to reach and instruct other pilots what to do.


Yes, it is very annoying. But I never knew that even when you leave the frequency the controller still thinks you are connected. I think this should be changed. Now I understand why you can hear everything happening on the frequency you were previously on. What if there aren’t any frequency in your range? The controller just has to put up with it if they are controlling a remote airport.

There are no dead zones in Amsterdam so all pilots when given that command should switch to a random unicom. I had a couple people who were over 90 nm from where I was controlling still in my frequency, even though I told them to change frequency…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no such thing as ‘leaving a frequency’.
Acknowledging “Frequency change approved” doesn’t mean you switched from or left the frequency you were on. It’s up to the pilots to change to another frequency manually. Otherwise you stay tuned to the initial frequency. Only a hand-off switches you to another frequency automatically.

You are correct, but that command is basically an instruction to move away.

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