Freq change airport list error [ATC side]

So yesterday I was conducting a pattern prqctical for someone in the VA at EBBR and while I was controlling someone requested departure from the airport. When I looked to issue them a frequency change I saw that an oprion to send them to KLAX Unicom was available.

I looked at their FPL to make sure and they did not have KLAX listed in it. They had also spawned in and not arrived from KLAX.

I have some screenshots of the issue listed.


When I checked on other aircraft to see if this error presented itself it did not show in any other form, even the aircraft departing to other airports.

Device: Samsung Note 8
IF version: 18.03.0
OS: Android 8.0
WIFI speed: 50MBPS (not that important I believe but still applicable)
Replicatable: unable to replicate in limited tries

This only happens when the aircraft is on approach and requests FF or vectors to an airport. As to why it’s happened on tower, seems to be just a temporary glitch. Did the aircraft ever have KLAX as its arrival airport?

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It’s a known issue, it’s linked to where they previously have flown I believe.

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