Frenchix1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LFBO


My name is Frenchix1 and my objectif is to become a ATC in France to do so i start to learn the basic un some game like Infinite Flight !

Today is

LFPG ground and tower !

You can go to challenge me if you want

Hey! I wouldn’t recommend opening an airport like KJFK, as it’s a popular airport. I would recommend opening a less-crowded airport, as at an airport like New York, you’re most likely going to get a lot of trolls and not much opportunity for good feedback. Thanks! :)

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Okay thanks for the tips !



Thanks for controlling, I decided to stop fling patterns based on current wind observations and suitability of pattern work.

1. First of all, as you are willing to test for IFATC, I suggest practising in a suitable environment for the parameters your training & test will be based. For example, whilst possible, LFPG, as you may have seen, is not an airport designated for local flying (pattern work), instead, its principal functionality is to deal with huge traffic workloads. Those 4 runways make the traffic pattern more complex for both the pilot, to maintain a visual reference of other aircraft and the controller, to avoid departing traffic to collide with the pattern ones. Instead, I recommend Using airports with only 2 parallel runways, if possible with a distance of approx. 100ft laterally. Good examples can be EDDL, KFAT, PGUM and even PGUA

2. The second crucial factor was the wind speed, there was a 20kts crosswind component for all runways, affecting the quality of the flying.

3. Another thing I want to bring up to your attention is the obligation of issuing a pattern entry, a sequence if needed and clearance for every runway change its made. I took off from 26R and you cleared me straight to 26L, without knowing where do I need to fly towards the runway, and who to follow.

Situation Actions needed
Inbound* Pattern entry, sequence, clearance
Runway change Pattern entry, sequence, clearance
Pattern work (same runway) Sequence, clearance

Note that all sequences should be only issued if necessary

*This is in case tower frequency is not working with a radar frequency, for other instances see section number 3.6.3 of the ATC Manual

Lastly, I have a question, why you wanted me to taxi 26R instead of 26L, which was what I requested?

Thank you for the service!

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The outside runways of LFPG are use to Land not to take off so i redirect to the open runway for takeoff…

And thank you for your complete feedback !

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Hello i reopen CDG because i really love this Airport !

So tower and ground are open !

Runways 26R and 27L are use for takeoffs

Runways 26L and 27R are use for the landings


Sorry I did not know that the wind exceed 15kt crosswind hence not allowing pattern work.

As what @BinaryChess mentioned earlier, it is recommended to do research and look at the METAR before you opening the airport. Your practical test in entering IFATC will be tested on majority pattern work, so it would be good if you can open some airports with winds permitting pattern work :)

Hope to see you next time :)

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Okay ! This afternoon i Will open an Airport which we can do patterns !

Best airports to open would be KFAT LFBO like the other guys have said start small until you get the basic parameters of TGS

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