Frenchbee to Tahiti Pt.1

Hello IFC, This is the first of two flights from Paris Orly to Tahiti Faa’a International. Flight number one gets us from LFPO (Paris Orly) to KSFO (San Francisco).
I flew on the expert server to get some other planes at San Francisco.

Takeoff into the night

M O O N over Greenland

Going around due to traffic still being on the runway

Can somebody guess the airline?

Did somebody say seperation incident? We had about 1300ft of seperation, don’t worry

Approach number two is a bit more succesful than the first one

A350s everywhere

That’s it, if I don’t forget about part two, it’ll be up at ~ 2021-04-26T08:00:00Z

Hope you liked this one :)


Very nice! I’m the Speedbird 777 in the queue for 28L. I was there for ages, incredibly dense traffic today!

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Ya true. I’m sure the ATCs will need a break after today

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I reckon so! I think I heard you call a flight following request with centre after departure too. Looking forward to your shots tomorrow!

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