French sign MoU for 16 HondaJets

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Details: Hello everyone, welcome to Simple Aviation, today I have something to announce. Have we ever heard of the car manufacturer, Honda? Well today Honda made aviation history! Honda’s 1 pilot aircraft, the HondaJet signed a deal at Singapore’s Airshow with a French Company, Wijet, for 16 HA-420 HondaJets. According to an article, “The deal is worth approximately $80 million at list prices, making it the biggest aircraft contract yet for the aircraft manufacturer.”

  • The HondaJet

What is HondaJet:

CEO: Michimasa Fujino.

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

First Delivery: The first delivery occurred on 23 December 2015

Range: 1,358 mi

Top speed: 483 mph

Cruise speed: 424 mph

Unit cost: 3,650,000–3,650,000 USD (2006)

Number built: 57 (May 2017)

Engine type: GE Honda HF120


The Deal: Wijet plans to buy Hondas Jet to replace their fleet of Cessna Citation Mustangs. The deal is approximately 80 million dollars and the deal was made at the Singapore Air Show. The aircrafts will be sent over the course of the years and Wijet , Air Frances partner, will help pay for the cost.

My Opinion: Since the 2 companies will be purchasing and making different aircrafts, you never know what might happen. Mostly because since two days ago, the economies points dropped dramatically, dept will be a huge issue. Sixteen aircrafts that will be made will take time and money that the company might not have if FLYING TAXI’s ever come before the final aircrafts are finished and ready to be shipped. Honda’s CEO might not make the exchange with other companies and industries if Wijet continues to buy the aircrafts which leaves many private owners and smaller businesses other choices which could be good, and bad for the company if they only sell to one company. In one sentence, if Hondajet only sells their aircraft to one company and don’t have any room to make and sell other jets to private owners and businesses, it could lead the company to debt. if they are only dependent on Wijet.

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I thought Honda was a car company. Hmm…🤔

They are also a car manufacturer, just like Mitsubishi.


Reminds me of the Cassius 192 from Just Cause 2

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Oh my I totally remebet

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