French SAR active for crashed fighter

BBC is reporting that the French is currently looking for two pilots after The wreck of the Mirage 2000-D was found near Mignovillard in the Jura region, at an altitude of about 3,280 feet.

The military says there was no observation of an ejection, there are reports of parachutes at the crash site officials cannot tell if its the crews.

The plane vanished from radar at around 11:00 local time (10:00 GMT), shortly after taking off from the Nancy-Ochey air base.

Any new updates I’ll update this thread


Really hope they are okay! I saw this earlier.

Read on another news site that witnesses heard explosion like sounds.


There was an article early on saying that they sadly died in this accident. And why would they fly if the weather wasn’t good?

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Could be on an instrument training operation. I am not aware of the French Military flying but in the US they have designated IFR routes for Military


It was in fact a training mission.


As dasmarc said I think it was a training mission but it should’ve been cancelled or postponed. It said there was a lot of snow and low visibility

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War doesn’t stop in snow and low vis people train to fly in this situation all the time. We don’t know the full story so I don’t want to play NTSB guy


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