French Riviera Takeover

The French Riviera Takeover has officially concluded! A tremendous thank you to all the IFC members who showed up to our mini-event today and showed your support. It means a tremendous amount to us!

Also, a big thank you to @lucaviness and @JarrettFlies in helping me and the others put all this together! It wouldn’t have happened without you folks’ help! Lastly, but not least, a tremendous thank you to all the controllers today @Shane, @Ecoops123, @Davide_DC, @yoshi_flyer, @Krypton, @Bruno_Salvi1, @ThomasThePro, @Saharsh, @alberto_lopez, and @TaipeiGuru for signing up and opening the airports! You all are amazing!

We hope everyone enjoyed our takeover, and we hope everyone has a great one!