French Riviera Takeover

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Bonjour à tous! Today, a group of IFATC members will open frequencies all along the French and Italian coasts. Pilots are encouraged to fly between multiple airports to explore the beautiful scenery Europe has to offer. We can’t wait to see you in the skies!

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The French Riviera is defined as a group of beaches and shorelines along the south of France. When visiting the area embrace the strong French culture including bright and beautiful architecture, unique cuisines, and history dating back over 1 million years!


Marseille is a city on the southern coast of France. It is not only the largest city on the Mediterranean coast, but is also the largest commerce and cargo port in France. The area is the second-largest metropolitan area in France and is known for its exquisite operas and cuisine.


Alghero is a town located on Sardinia, an island located off the west coast of Italy in the Mediterranean sea. The area is known for its architecture and rich history. According to a recent study, it is the 10th most visited city by tourists in Italy.


Pisa is a city on the west coast of Italy. The city serves as a major tourist attraction, hosting attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, excellent beaches, and unique architecture dating back to the Late Antiquity Ages. Pisa was also the home of many authors and mathematicians, the most notable being Fibonacci.


Genoa is the capital city of Liguria, one of 20 regions within Italy. The region houses beautiful shorelines to the west, cascading mountains to the north, and wine country to the south and east. The city dates back to 1407 when it was founded. It is full of Italian Culture and passionate about traditional food, dances, textiles, and architecture. The city is the busiest along the Mediterranean and serves as one of the most important ports among the region.

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Airport Local Radar
LFML Marseille HUB @ToasterStroodie @Shane
LIEA Alghero HUB @Ecoops123
LIRP Pisa HUB @JarrettFlies
LIMJ Genoa HUB @Davide_DC
LIRS Grosseto
LFMN Nice @yoshi_flyer
LIEE Cagliari
LFMT Montpellier @lucaviness @Krypton
LFTH Toulon @Bruno_Salvi1
LFKJ Ajaccio @ThomasThePro
LFKC Calvi @Saharsh @alberto_lopez

The Marseille, Roma, and Milano FIRs will be controlled by @TaipeiGuru

IFATC – signup by posting your desired frequency down below!

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Routes from Marseille
Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time
LFPO Air France A319 1:23
LIRF Vueling A320 1:25
LPPT TAP Air Portugal A319 1:30
LFMN DHL Cessna 208 0:50
LIRP N/A TBM 930 0:40

Routes from Alghero
Destination Airlines Aircraft Flight Time
LIRF Alitalia A321 1:03
LIRP Ryanair 737-800 1:00
LHBP Wizzair A321 2:00
LFMT N/A Citation X 1:30
LFML Infinite Flight A318 1:40

Routes from Pisa
Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time
LIRP-LIEA Ryanair 737-800 1:00
LIRP-LIRF Alitalia A321 0:50
LIRF-LFPO EasyJet A319 1:40
LIRP-LFMN DHL 757-200 1:50
LIRP-LFML Infinite Flight 737-700 1:30

Routes from Genoa
Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time
LIMJ-LFPG Air France A320 1:35
LIMJ-LIRF Alitalia A321 1:05
LIMJ-LIBD Ryanair 737-800 1:25
LIMJ-LFMT Fed Ex Cessna 208 1:50
LIMJ-LFML N/A Citation X 1:00

Banners – @JarrettFlies

Featured Routes – @ToasterStroodie @JarrettFlies

City Information – @JarrettFlies


Looks awesome! Bring on the Traffic!

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Looks great! Great work guys!

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I’ll certainly be there!

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Nicce to see this, amazing work IFATC😁

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LFKJ Local ;)


I’ll take this (local) im not good enough for radar lol

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changes the takeover to happen on V2 instead



I would like to control LFTH, as IFATC. Just tower, ground and ATIS.

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Luca has currently disappeared, but you’re signed up! Thanks for joining

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Lovely! Looking forward to it

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I’m going to be departing soon after I eat dinner!

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Is the Calvi circle to land procedure in use? if so I am coming!

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Yes, that is correct :)

Thanks for letting us know in advance! Ill definitelly be there to do some short hops!

@Davide_DC is taking Genoa Local (LIMJ) @lucaviness

I’ve hit my maximum amount of edits for today. If any Regular would like to manage this thread, that would be great!

@Thunderbolt get in here lol

@TH0MAS Marseille open 😉 BTW cool thread buds.

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Hoping to see you drop by, Alexandre!