French National’s day ~ @LFPG 142000ZJUL19

Let’s celebrate the Bastille’s day together 🇫🇷

🔗 with the Virtual French Army


Depart: LFPG
Arrival: LFMN

Time : 2019-07-14T19:00:00Z2019-07-14T20:30:00Z

Please respect the Unicom. 📡
Spawn 15min before departure. ⏱
Copy my FPL before the take-off. 🛫

We will fly together from Paris to Nice with the Air France A380’s to celebrate France.

During the flight, the French Patrol of Infinite Flight will join us and make its new 2019 demonstration !

More about the patrol

President of the virtual patrol : @alexandre.g
12 pilots from France

Gate L27 A380 Air France free
Gate L33 A380 Air France free
Gate L39 A380 Air France free
Gate L53 A380 Air France free
Gate L59 A380 Air France free
Gate L65 A380 Air France free
Gate L71 A380 Air France free

If you want to join the event, tell me now !

(I can add gates if we need more)

If your event is at 8PM BST (My time) then it is 1900z :)

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