French Island Escape - A319-100

Hi and welcome to another Infinite Flight screenshot episode! This is all about a flight from Marseille to Calvi, France. Calvi is on the island of Corsica, and it is the ideal holiday destination for many Europeans. Featured is the famous challenging approach to Calvi Runway 36. My callsign is Air France 100, an Airbus A319-111. Enjoy!

Server: Training
Time: 0h 53min
Route: LFML - LFKC

The baby bus parked at gate.

A very short take-off on 31R.

V1… Rotate…

V2. Positive rate. Gear up.

Climbing over Southern France. Not much to see, really.

Approaching Calvi. Intercepted the LOC 18 for circling. Here comes the fun part!

Downwind, gear down, flaps full, 135 knots…

Base turn. Nearly there. Lining up with the runway. Getting closer to the mountains…

And I still managed to make a smooth landing after all that (including a crosswind) on Runway 36.

Arrived at stand after a long backtrack and taxi.
Welcome to Corsica!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!