French government A330

image at kmco right now. I don’t know why it’s here right now though.


Clean and neat looking livery. I like it.


The zoom (or camera) needs to be a bit sharper

I took it on my phone. I got a picture on my camera but it won’t go on my computer.

The tail!!

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Thats so cool

Haha they are everywhere 😂

Francois Hollande wanted to go to DisneyWorld!

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Yes, it’s the gouverment’s plane.

Haha unfortunetely yes 😂
You said: " a peur ". Peur means to be scared. I suppose you wanted to say that it looks a bit like the Air France A330. You said: “It looks like it is scared of the Air France plane”. You got confused between " peur " (to be scared) and " un peu " (a bit).
So here is the correct sentence:
Il ressemble un peu à Air France