French Bee | PPT-SFO | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
I’ve always wanted to try this airline out in IF, I’m not sure why, I guess I just like all things french. They are based in both Paris orly and French Polynesia, both places which I love but have never been to.
Server: Expert

Callsign: French Bee 711
The photos are ready!
Preview of the flight I took before this, Air France | EZE-CDG | Boeing 777-200ER with a mighty tasty GE90

Alright, to the flight!

Climbing out of Tahiti

Ohh yeah

Climbing high

And flying high! How funny that worked out

Cruising to SFO

Serving weird discount airline food I bet

Final 28L at SFO

Safe landing in SFO

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Great sgits! Done this same route before, NTAA is a beautiful airport to fly out of


I love FrenchBee’s livery


Great Shots! Love the pics!

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