French Bee LFPO-FMEE

This is a flight I did last night. Love the FrenchBee livery, beautiful shades of blue.

Takeoff Runway 24 LFPO, landed 14 at FMEE. Expert serverFlight time, 10:30.


Love the pics! Nice choice of livery too, looks really good on the A350.

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Thanks, I love all the different blues there.

Hi there! These are great photos, however you need to make sure to follow the guidelines of the #screenshots-and-videos category.

In your case, these are the rules being violated:

  • Photo limit has been exceeded, rules state a maximum of ten.
  • Sufficient flight information has not been given, in this case, the server has not been given.


Thanks! I thought it was ten🤣. It was expert server, I’ll add that now

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Adding on to what @Alec said, please remember to only post 1 #screenshots-and-videos topic per day. Just make sure to follow the guidelines next time and you should be good. Thanks!


them costume photes with the free cam
And that first one OH BB

I seen you on Infinite Radar when just messing around, haha.

Fab pictures :)

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When was that?

really great pics…beautiful bird and beautiful livery :)

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