French Bee A350-900 | KSFO-NTAA |

July 18, 2021.

French Bee A350-900

Callsign: French Bee 739 Heavy

Flight Time: 8 hours 7 mins

Takeoff from runway 28L at KSFO during a busy flyout event.

Cruising above the Pacific Ocean at 37000ft.

Touchdown in Tahiti at Sundown.

Unloading cargo at the gate.

What was your guys favorite photo?

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Nice pictures mate. Changed the category for you.

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thanks, sorry about that.


I like the photos!

That first photo has me in it, I am the 737-800!

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Oh nice, where were you headed?

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Must’ve been an epic flight there! I loved the 4th picture btw looks amazing with the golden sunset

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I was going up to Anchorage Alaska.

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ah nice thats a fun flight


Shiny boi how old is it?

Nice Picture! Keep up your great work!

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French Bee’s Newest A350’s are 4 years old


Still quite shiny lol

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