French Bee 702 | Airbus A350-941 | Paris-Orly, France - Saint Denis, Reunion

French Bee 702 | ORY - RUN

Welcome to another photo topic of mine! By popular demand, the next topic I should do was with French Bee down to Reunion Island from Orly. I have never been to Reunion before and it was a very nice airport! Here are the photos!

Server: Expert

Flight Time: 10hrs 21minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A350-941

At the gate in Paris, what a majestic bird!

View from the front cargo door


Heading Southeast over central Italy

Over Somalia about to cross over to the Indian Ocean

View of Reunion insight!

Turn onto final with the Island of Reunion in the background

Final moments before touchdown

Set 'er Captain c’mon!

At the gate in Saint Denis

Thank you for viewing these photos! Let me know how you liked them!

Till next time!


I am really missing these approach views… Thanks for sharing these great pictures!


Of course! Glad you liked them! :D

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Awesome scenery


It really is nice!

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