French ATC Strike

I am on vacation in Paris, and our friends are flying in from Valencia tho their flight was cancelled due to ATC strikes. They are now flying to Zurich and taking the train from there.

It’s good timing before the Olympics, smart of the controllers!

Agreements have been made between the union and the government though it’s too late to uncancel flights.


lol—in my experience, when are French ATC not on strike?


that ATC shortage and problems is there for too long now, enough is enough

One of my flight instructor is one of them so I understand

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And its over pay as usual, yet there is doctors and nurses and other healthcare professionals doing anything from 80 to 100 hours plus ( medical doctors esp) and they get only 40K on intern minimum a year esp in Ireland which is absurb, the years of training and study these guys and girls have to do alongside exams which are near on impossible for the average person. Don’t get me wrong unions are great,protecting the worker from exploitation and abuse . Giving them to much power is not in the interest of long term investment, unions make workplaces less competitive by raising labor costs and making it harder to sack underperformers.

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I could spott a EFI tomorrow at NCE, but that’s it and get canceled

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While I understand the need for workers to advocate for their rights, it’s unacceptable for certain groups to hold Europe hostage every summer. The European Commission must assert its authority and enact legislation to prevent this recurring disruption. Just like President Reagan’s firm stance against the air traffic controllers’ strike in the 1980s, french lawmakers need to send a clear message: return to work or face the consequences. It’s a matter of prioritizing the safety and well-being of passengers over the political games of a few. Legislation is necessary to ensure that essential services are not disrupted by the whims of a select few, and it’s time for the EU to take decisive action to protect its citizens.

Strikes is the sport French always win!


Striking is a sport in France


I got your point, I feel sad for the impac on vacations of alot of poeple currently on the teritory
But our government doesn’t listen the citizens and often retaliate against us in order to force their law and go againts any humain rights for their profits…
You guys have to undertand how bad the government system and the civil rights are in France, I have to admit that we (even here in the caribbean teritories) we are the WORST country in Europ to leave on.

I am currently awaiting that Switch to occure in order to change everything, that is what many of us wishs so much

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Have a nice holiday. I completely forgot the olympics is soon in Paris. Hope the strikes don’t happen on your return flight.

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Thank you for understanding my point of view, best of luck!!

Standard French activities, nothing to see here.

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Hum… Have you ever travelled anywhere? This is no place for politic arguments of any sort, but I guess seeing more places would help you have not so radical views…

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I ask that moderators please close this topic as it’s getting out of hand. Thanks!

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