French AirForce TBM-930 - #10


Never realy knew how beautiful the French AirForce TBM-930 until recently, decided to do this edit with a black and white filter, and she looks beautiful in it 👌

Removed the black and white filter and photoshopped my French AirForce TBM-930 into a beautiful image of… some alps somewhere on earth I presume…

Alps Image Credits

Hi guys 👋 Recently I have been not screenshoting, creating Infinite Flight Photos due to work (currently in an apprenticeship to be a licensed Roofer) and also day to day life. I have found in the past few months I have not had a lot of time to do my hobby as much as I wanted to. I have been trying out the replay feature not as much as I wish I could as well. Just thought I’d say this (even though there is no real point in saying it), so yeah, I’ll keep posting every now and then 👍 happy landings y’all 🤙


Cool shots, thanks for sharing!

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Absolutely stunning! You’ve outdone yourself, Ethan! 🍻

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absolutely fantastic

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Thanks @Thomas, @joslleymiguel_holand and @Tep_NEMO! 😀


are you flying backwards?


Sorry bro, not quite sure what your talking about there… 😅


WOW! You have talent sir! 😄
Nice work

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the joke of french army retreating back.


Smashing little edit, nice work!

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Oh aha. Is see 😅 thanks guys 👍


Amazing pictures 👍 Well done !

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