French Air Force Callsign

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There isn’t any callsign for the French Air Force (armée de l’air et de l’espace) in Infinite Flight but there are tonnes for air forces that aren’t even featured in IF. I would like to propose some callsigns to be added in accordance to the aircrafts that are already available in IF.

  • CoTAM : Stands for “commandement du transport aérien militaire français” or in English French Military Air Transport Command, they use A400M, A330, A310 and A340 mainly to transport soldiers, VIP and equipment.

  • ET41 : Stands for “escadron de transport 41 Verdun” or in English Transport Squadron 41 “Verdun”. Their role is to transport top ranked officers of the Army. They use the TBM-700.

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Hello there @Cdt_Aupetit!
You can PM @Cameron with this callsign request, he will add this! 👍


Please don’t PM me with requests, I can see this category :)



Thanks ! I thought it would me more complicated

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