Freighter in the Fog

Long time, no see to this category of IFC topics. I recently started to fly IF a bit and gathered some photos from my most recent haul from Ontario (KONT) to Louisville (KSDF) as UPS2915. The route took me over the foggy skies of SoCal and New Mexico along with a windy approach into Louisville, Kentucky.

Carrying 35,000lbs of empty KFC buckets and we have a liftoff 🚀

A peek over the mountains of @Thunderbolt territory. ☁️

Climbing 5 miles high over the San Jacinto Mountains ⛰

FL390 with what seems to be some large rock in the background.

Not a single edit needed over New Mexico ✨

A roaring engine that produces 66,500lbs of thrust individually. 🦁

Which engine is this called?

  • General Electric GE90
  • Pratt & Witney 4000
  • General Electric GEnx 2B
  • A Kia Optima’s 2.5L V6

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A 5 mile final with 36kt crosswinds, absolutely buttered the landing with uhh… -400fpm 💀


Love the photos, had to vote for the 2.5L V6 ;)

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Nice shots !

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Simply lovely shots

That moonshot 💯

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damn -400 descent rate

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I love that one!


That moonshot was simply breathtaking!

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Nice Photos Kam!

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At least your editing makes up for your poor flying skills.

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Amazing! 😍

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That moon shot is stunning!!!

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Last picture, words sprang to mind…

“Wheels, lots of wheels…”

Awesome photos

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When your cargo doesn’t complain like passengers do…

Great shots btw!

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