Freighter gate restrictions

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for this but if not let me know to change it 👍

I was on expert server at Tom Bradley International terminal (KLAX) and there was a lot of people who doesn’t care and spawn at the gates with freighters!!, it’s really annoying and really unrealistic considering is an expert server, could freighters have some kind of restriction? Like if they park at gates receive a warning?, and after a time a violation? As well For the airport map, to make the gates unable for freighters?

I think this would be a benefit for everyone.

There are multiple problems with this. Firstly, people have different realism standards. Yours are pretty high, but some people might have no problem with flying JetBlue in Australia, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Expert server is not about cooking the same dinner as they have on the flight while flying their overnighter - it’s about the respect between people, whether they are playing as IFATC or pilots.

Secondly, airport editing already requires a lot of work to research the gate numbers and then carefully do it in WED. Adding an additional layer of complexity to the mix will just mean people would either take longer to edit or even not edit at all. And that’s not even considering the fact that in life there can be temporarely exemptions, accounting for which will be basically impossible.

I suggest you read this topic. It perfectly outlines the problem with that sort of stuff


For the liveries is subjective I know but for the freighters is think is necessary. 👍



For parking at a wrong gate/area

Like when you go too fast in a taxiway and a warning pops out, and if you don’t stop they give you a violation, the same thing but for freighters trying to park in passenger gates

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It’s a game. Sure, it’s the “expert server”, but come on, a violation is way unnecessary.

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Then who are gonna care about freighters parking at passenger gates, as well passenger planes parking at cargo areas?

That’s why airports have exclusive areas for freighters and entire buildings for passenger aircrafts, they can’t be at the same time unless it’s a small airport.

The point is realism.

Not everyone cares about realism.

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You can’t force people to be 100% realistic - people can be as realistic as they like.

I’m sorry… but I don’t see this being implemented.

That’s for people who consider the sim a “game”

But what about me and other people who really want to enjoy a realistic sim?

The “expert server” doesn’t really matter, there you are meant to fly good, be respectful and follow ATC instructions. There isn’t a reference to realism.

Also, as someone told you before, not everyone care about realism and wants to enjoy the sim doing things that can’t be done in real life for example.

Do it! You can’t expect everyone doing realistic things, so just enjoy it.

Then RIP realism…

It’s okay, but sucks at the same time, flight sims fight for realism not for being a game, but I guess y’all okay, we can’t force people to follow real world rules.

I have a different opinion lol.

Glad you recognised it, not everyone does!


I’m one of those people. But giving violations for parking in the wrong place takes it way too far. Some people may be unfamiliar with the layout of the airport, and thus receive a violation simply for not knowing the airport. It’s not fair.

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That’s why I said the (warning) should go first and if the pilot doesn’t care then there’s a violation.

I hope they can update the airport gate map to solve this problem, it worth it seriously.

Why should he take a violation for… nothing? Also, as controller, most likely we don’t care or don’t even see where you are parked.

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