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So my uncle is try to move something in bulk to the west coasts for one of his clients, but isn’t sure how. He normally moves small stuff, but this time it’s a big order. He lives in Charlotte and is moving something to Long Beach (L.A.). He is debating on what freight service to use. There’s is UPS, FedEx, but once again he is moving the item in bulk, so it would be expensive, but fast There is rail, which he could ship it on Norfolk Southern, Transfer it in Chicago to BNSF which will take it the rest of the way, but would be relatively slow, but cheap. What would you recommend?

What is it

I don’t know, he just said it was “a lot of stuff” that can be moved by sky or rail.

Go with the cheaper option have the guy call everyone and ask for price

It depnds if he is willing to pay higher price and get his stuff faster or pay a smaller price and be patient
You would also need to think about transporting and distance are you renting a van or use use a courier or are you driving your own vechile if yes think about distance from the airport and train station
And follow @RotorGuy advice

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