Freight being downplayed?

I have noticed that not a lot of freight aircrafts are in the game. A few for the 747, 3 for the A330 and the MD11/10F has a bit more than the 747. The problem now is that only one freighter aircraft is reworked which is the 777. The 777 by far has been the most overrated aircraft in the game but that’s another topic. The 747s themselves don’t even have cockpit lights and the A330 is still using the format of the old A330. MD11s are fine and the DC10 has a lot of historic liveries which is lovely. My question is why are cargo aircrafts being downplayed?


Perhaps IRL cargo flights are often harder to find, plan, and mimic as they are not as predictable as commercial flights with a schedule; and hence less people fly them in IF.

Maybe also because the popular FPLtoIF does not include options for cargo flights (such as weight settings), and we have to manually set cargo weights etc.

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i would personaly love to see more cargo planes. for example the 747-400 or -8 as a freighter. the opening nose is just amazing. i personaly fly 50/50 cargo and pax


There are Quite a few reasons for cargo Being not as prominent in IF.

Firstly reworking a cargo aircraft is not as simple as slapping a livery onto an existing aircraft and calling it a day. Dev teams have to recreate a different interior, separate handling mechanics, and other aircraft elements like separate cargo door actions and window layouts.

Secondly, the IF team is not downplaying this type of aircraft which is still a prominent game feature. It just so happens that the planes with prominently feature freighets are quite old in the sim.

That being said if you want to see some of these features in-game you can vote for them below.

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Nobody said it was easy, but even if it’s not easy they should still attempt to make something to fulfill virtual cargo airlines and cargo players. They can’t just say is too hard because they’ve done it before.


Sorry, my Wording wasn’t very Clear.

as I have highlighted above building cargo aeroplanes is also a very, time-consuming piece of work and often because of aircraft size adjustments and other (quite large) changes as well as less demand these planes often go unreworked.

That’s the definition of downplaying. If you rework all these other planes fully (live cockpit, gear tilt, etc) but you are also excluding the ones that you think just isn’t important as the other ones. The best example of this would be the removal of 757-200Fs bc apparently they can’t rework the whole 757 and then slap on something just simple as a livery with the windows covered up just like the 747-8.

Well not every flight has to been exactly the same as to real life. If you think not a lot of people want it, please check the community more carefully.

Maybe you’re right, I am just speaking from my perspective. And also, since you’re asking why cargo is being “downplayed”, I am providing a possible reason. I doubt there’s a need to ask me to read the community for carefully.

Okay I got you, my bad

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I get what you are saying, but when aircrafts get reworked if it is a popular cargo aircraft we do get that option as you see with the 777F, same will happen when they do the 747, and 767. A330 didn’t get it as the rework was the -300 and not the -200.

Yes but as of now there is no sign of it happening.

Biggest shame was lack of 757F with the rework.

But theres also an increasing number of A321P2Fs out there now and a considerable number of ATR42/72 Freighters. So in summary: we need the ATR!


Very well said sir!

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