My game freezes on the live servers constantly during flight and it is very frustrating, I don’t think it’s my WiFi, it’s almost like the server can’t keep up…

What device and OS are you using?

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Freezes are your side issues.
Clear RAM before flight, have graphics on low and you’ll be good. Unless you have an old device

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  • Clear cache
  • Restart IF and your device
  • Clear RAM
  • Delete and reinstall Infinite Flight

Try these steps one by one and advance to the next step if they don’t work. Check back here.

Hello! We appreciate your post to support today!

The reason is that Infinite Flight has to download scenery over wifi, as well as information about other players.

What you can do is make sure you clear cache, close all other application so nothing is running in the background. Try to restart the app. Also, lower your graphic settings

However, the problem I think is quite common

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