Ok this is so stupid. In regards to the app freezing up I do everything the in order to try and avoid the app crashing and it still crashes. Infinite flight please figure this out

Hi Tyler!
Infinite Flight takes up allot of RAM especially on long haul flights, I reccomend before flying to restart your device multiple times before flying or hold won power button until slider shows and then hold down the home button, please do this multiple times. Also it would help more of you provided us what device you’re using and what OS.

A few other things that would help
•Turning down graphics settings
•Turning “Anti Aliasing” Off
•Keep Device Brightness On Low
•Fly with no Hud or Hud-1

Regards and please get back to me as soon as possible, Chief305…

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It’s a known issue. IF is pushing devices to their limits. Ways to reduce this:

  • Clear out RAM before starting a flight (hold down power button until the off slider comes up then hold the home button until you are returned to the home screen for iOS)
  • Fly with the minimap off (HUD-1)
  • Fly in areas of lower traffic

Ok. I have always been restarting my device twice and turning the graphics on low once I’m in cruise mode. Also is there the landing aid anymore?

No Sir, Landing aid was removed due to performance issues, it will come back in a future update.

Also, hold down the power button, once the slider comes on to turn your device off then hold down the home button, this help’s in the effort of freeing up RAM.

What Phone/Tablet are you using? Make sure you have your graphics on low if you are using an outdated device, and or try to not go into airports with a lot of traffic.

Is this Androis or iOS? If on android, certain devices will throttle processors to half speed when charging. Are there any apps that are constantly running? Check in developer options and then running services.
RAM is different on iOS. It is managed differently.

I have literally done everything you said before I did a 7hour flight and it crashed on me before final

Can you please answer the questions regarding what device you are on. That will really help.


I am using an Ipad mini 2

Your device might just have performance issues, as that’s a pretty old device.

Have you jailbroken your device? Are you using a pirated version of Infinite Flight?

No I haven’t done any of that

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Try turning down all of your settings to low, disable anti-aliasing, hide the mini-map and try to refrain from switching camera views.


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