Why is infinite flight keep freezing when I am moving it in the middle of the flight?

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Sometimes it does this to me as well, it should be over within a few seconds when it happens.

  1. Network speed could be slow
  2. Too high of graphics. Try turning down your graphics settings.
  3. Too many additional programs running that is using CPU. Reboot before a long flight.
  4. High server load at the time, or just a fluke event.
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1. Reboot your wifi router
2. Restart your device

I think it’s actually a problem with how the app communicates to other players. It happens specifically when there are lots of other players on the screen, at least for me. The reason I don’t think it’s a connectivity or device issue is because if the problem is the device, loading scenery is very intensive on it’s own - shouldnt be a correlation between other players and freezing.

Another piece of evidence is that pre-global, when connection issue occur the app continues but everyone else disappears. At least for me, this no longer happens - instead there is freezing.

That could be just because it requires more processing power. Have you tried putting aircraft count to low and tried flying into empty airports?

So I notice it happening more when players enter the map - 70 - 80 miles from a busy airport before they are really visible. There isn’t much difference between physics in global versus regions - especially if you compare with how much scenery has changed.

I think it has to do with the fact that prior to global, limited nature of regions allowed the app to load in all the other players in that region before you start playing - whereas now they need to be loaded dynamically while you play. Maybe it’s downloading other aircraft not installed locally?

Something else I’ve noticed is that players who drop out seem to re-appear in the same place they were before dropping off. Previously, that player re-appears at a new location.

Anyways, not sure if you’ve noticed similar patterns. Way too much work to gather enough data to say definitively, but my hunch is that freezing is caused by design as well as resource needs.

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