Freezing screen

My screen is always for like 1 second. It’s really annoying because i’m always veering off the taxiway when this happens when I’m turning. What can I do to stop this from happening?


What device are you using first of all?

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I’m playing on an ipad.

Probably something to do with the constant crash rates on iOS if so due to a memory leak as a bi-product of 19.4 and new iOS versions.

I don’t have a new version.


Please make sure to include as much information as possible.
There are over 20 different iPad models for example. Based on your description of the problem, it’s really hard for anyone to assist if you don’t include the correct model to being with.

Thank you!


I have an iPad Air 2. Bought in 2015.

Which graphics settings are you running Infinite Flight with? :)

Highest quality

If you fly online, traffic might be a factor. You can lower your traffic count in live settings.

Try lowering your graphics then? Pretty easy and should really come to mind quickly.


But I like having good quality scenery. It just makes flying so much more fun.

If you don’t want your iPad to melt and your IF experience gone in a worst case scenario. Best to do it for the performance sake.

Yes, but you can’t expect everything to run perfectly then I’m afraid.

Based on previous user reports, please see appropriate settings below:

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I might know your problem if lowering your graphics does not work. Disable the FPS limiter, it will help. (make sure you don’t overheat your device though)

That’s a great way to make situations like this worse (:


Oh is it? I’m sorry about that don’t take my advice haha

It’s a bit like overclocking computers. Might run better but many times dangerous to the device.

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I’ve reduced the airplane count to low and the problem seems to have dissappeared for now.

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Glad that helped :)