Freezing problem

For some reason over the past month, I will do a flight and after a few hours the screen will freeze. It usually freezes after I tap the map icon. And then after that the game just crashes and I lose all those hours that I was just flying. It’s really irritating and I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. I am using an iPhone 7 Plus. I am using this because the last device that I played Infinite Flight on, the game killed it. And when I play on my iPad Pro the game is just way too laggy. So I thought that the phone would be a better choice for Infinite Flight. It was working really well until this freezing problem kept happening. Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem. Thanks

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hi sorry to hear about this.
Do u have any background apps running?
Is ur phone in power saving mode?
do u restart your phone before a flight?
Is ur phone being able to maintain 30fps on your current graphic settings?

My phone has no background apps running ever. It is never in low power mode and is charging. Are you do restart the phone ever 2 days. And every setting is on low, and I hide airplane names and dots.

hmmm maybe it might be a bug with the map! How often does it happen?

@Gaming_sniper Now every flight that’s over about 3-4 hours

What about storage? Sometimes when your device doesn’t have enough storage it could crash the game.

I bought this phone off Amazon. It has 126 GB of storage. The only app on it except for the apps that come on it is infinite flight. And I clear the scenery cash every day. I also delete all replays @AlaskaAirfireball111

try a hard reset and see if that fixes the problem

Hmmmm, this is interesting, the other thing that came to mind is brightness of your device

I did twice not kidding

It’s the lowest it goes usually. Except for take off and land

wow well i dont know what the problem might be now

Yeah it’s really annoying. About two months ago I bought a tablet just for infinite flight. I use dthis device only for infinite flight. And then the freezing problem for some reason started occurring. One day the device froze so bad, I couldn’t turn off the actual tablet until it died seven hours later. And then I literally couldn’t turn the thing on for three days. I was on phone calls with customer service, Samsung, and they had no solution. Luckily the device crashed on the 30th day and so I was able to return it and get my money back. Also not even to mention my iPad Pro that I got for Christmas this year. I use this for work the game can barely run on it for some reason. It lags out constantly. Like this was $1000 iPad and it can’t even handle this game. I just don’t know what’s wrong. @Gaming_sniper @AlaskaAirfireball111

This is very interesting, depending on what device you use, is it up to the latest version?

i dont know whats the problem of IF with ur devices. but it shouldnt be acting like that at all!!!

I make sure all devices are up-to-date and the game is

Yeah I have no idea it really ticks me off. Like I love this game so much. And I would just like to do a fight that’s over four hours without my device wanting to kill itself.


Regarding the issues you’re having the iPhone.
If you’re running into issues after 3-4 hours, it’s most likely due to lack of available system resources. Even though it may not feel that way, the iPhone 7 has been around for quite some time. However, this is something that should drastically improve with 21.1.

I’m more concerned about your iPad. I’m currently running an 8hr flight on an iPad Pro 11 2018 without any issues at all. Everything on highest.

Could you elaborate on the lag you’re having on the iPad? Describe it as much as possible.



Yes I would love to. I know the iPhone 7 is a little out of date but for some reason the game just runs better on the phone for me I don’t know why. Regarding the iPad though I’ll be running a flight that’s about 12 hours. I really love doing long hauls especially ultra long hauls. So I will usually takeoff and go to bed and then wake up and then a few hours later land the plane. But for some reason the plane will literally just start glitching backwards. And sometimes the screen will freeze. But I can usually for some reason tap the screen and then after a few seconds, the screen is unfrozen. But I will be doing a flight for 12 hours and my device will be running for 12 hours but then when I wake up in the morning I check the status bar and it says flight time two hours. Like the planes just floating in the air. And then sometimes the plane will glitch back to the runway and then back in the air. I don’t know what the problem is it’s just really weird. The scenery cashe is cleared daily and same with replays. There is also no background apps running. @schyllberg



Are you getting any notifications while this is happening? Like a pop-up on the screen?

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