Freezing on charge

Alrighty guys, here’s an interesting issue…

I was doing a long haul flight last night and I decided to plug my phone in and didn’t think twice about it. I checked my phone a few minutes later to find that the game had frozen, just like it used to in the early days of global.

I tried again today and the same thing happened.

Next, I cleared all cache and data, re installed the app. It had then occurred to me that this kept happening upon charge. So I reopened the app and plugged my phone in to confirm that this had somehow caused the issue.

What do you guys think?

I have a Google pixel 2

Cheers guys, have a good one!

UPDATE: Performed a factory reset and all is working normally. Still curious of getting some answers but otherwise it’s solved and can be closed

UPDATE 2: turns out this happens only on battery saver mode and it happens when you turn it on as well as when you plug it in with battery saver on

What are your graphic settings? I assume you are doing long hauls. Also what is your storage like on your phone? #pixel 😉

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That’s happened to me three times in the past week and I didn’t know what the problem was until I saw this topic. I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

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Had the phone for a year and it’s never been a problem :/

The same thing happened to me into a 15 hour flight. It was plugged in. I believe it has to do with the intake on power and how it is distributed in the phone. I have an Iphone 8.

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I would recommend restarting your device before any flight. I would also suggest to have at least 1 GB free as well. I lastly would put all your graphics settings to low and have your screen’s brightness to be at the lowest. I would also recommend pointing your camera to the darkest part of the cockpit. I hope this helps!

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This issue happened to me when my device was plugged in as well. Instead of a few minutes after plugging in it was midnight when I discovered it had froze.

When you had found out the game had froze (did the app crash?), was your battery level 100%? I think that’s the probably the issue, when your battery is fully charged and you don’t unplug it the phone will behave weird, trickle charges maybe?

Unless you ensure that you charge your phone and unplug it the moment it reaches 100%, the device should be fine. Otherwise, leaving it plugged in for hours could be dangerous and damage the phone long term.

Btw my phone is a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017).

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Thanks for the replies, guys. It happens right the second I plug it in but I’ll give all your advice a try.

Some good ideas there. Unfortunately no dice :(

Couple recent discoveries… Read update of original post please :)

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