Freezing of the Infinite Flight app on long flights


In the last couple of weeks IF froze during 10+ hour flights. It happens completely randomly, the image is frozen on my screen and I still hear the sound of the engines. The only thing I can do is to close Infinite Flight and restart. But it is rather annoying when you know your TOD is close after a flight across the Atlantic and see the app frozen.
My device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with Android 13. Some other pilots on my VA AFKLM experience the same problems, also completely randomly.

I hope you guys can tackle this problem or have a quick solution.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.


I also have a Samsung pad but i don’t remember the model, and i’ve had the same issue as you mentioned above. The issue with my device was it was getting overheated. I would recommend you to turn on “Enable automatic low power” in your IF settings it will make your fps drop to 10 and it’ll consume less battery and also will not make your device heat quickly. You can also turn on interface timeout in your IF settings i believe it will help a little bit.

It worked for me and i think it might also work for you . Please let me know if it worked for you

My tablet is not overheating and have already enabled automatic low power. Interface time out is already on as well. The problem lies in the stability of IF when used for long flights. Last night my VA had an event where we flew from 2 European hubs to 4 hubs on the west coast of the USA. We started last night with 12 people/aircraft, this morning only 7 remained as 5 of us, me included, were missing as our devices had problems with a frozen IF!

I already cleared the cache and run some tests to see if my device is the problem. This is not the case as I can run other “heavy” games without any problem.

My apologies i was not able to help solving your issue.

This happened a lot for me but what I found to work is make sure your camera is zoomed onto a non-animated part and also to keep your device as close to your WiFi router as possible

No need to apologize, I appreciate you reaching out.

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