Freezing/major lag issues on iPad Air

Hey guys,
I need some help with my iPad. It is an IPad Air that is currently updated with the current iOS update and infinite flight is the only app on there. Every flight I seem to have some major lag spikes or in game freezes (but you can hear the flight still going) and it recovers about 30-40 seconds later, but as it nears the end of my flight it freezes for about two minutes and then crashes out. I have already deleted and reuploaded IF, restarted my iPad, checked my connections and it still seems to be happening. I don’t know if it’s a connection issue with my iPad and if or an internet issue or something more internal. My iPad is also well over 4 years old. My graphics are all at max so, I’m completely clueless and frustrated… all help is really appreciated!


I think the first order of business here is to lower the graphics settings. Having everything at high on an iPad Air 1st gen is not recommended and issues are to be expected.


Alright I’ll start with that, any specific graphic setting to be lowered to (meaning the ground, plane,I.e)?

It would be a good idea to turn off anti aliasing and keep limit frame rate on if these aren’t set as such already

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I am also having storage problems resulting my iPad Air 1 freezing or crashing at times due to aircraft automatically downloading.

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That was already off, but thank you for letting me know

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Check this, copied directly from the Device compatibility thread:

Operating system : iOS 11.2.1
Rendering Quality : Medium
Rendering Resolution : Medium
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : Off
Limit framerate : On
Airplane Count : low
GeekBench Scores :
Notes : Occasionally when an airport is busy you will have to turn off Anti-Aliasing, but it runs pretty well. Restart is recommended.


Just bear in mind, everyone will have slightly different results with devices based on age and operating condition… Your results may vary 🙃


Awesome, I very much appreciate this, problem solved! Thank you sir!